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Gold Dust Wound Filler Super absorbent polymer filler for a highly exudative wound.


New (3 in 1) ingredient antimicrobial foam dressing for infected wet wound.


New Improved Formula ! 

Higher protein , Less sugar formula

Expiry Date on Dec 2022

Epigran Protein offers:

    Essential Protein in pea and oat form

  • Each sachet of 20g Epigran Protein 20g contains 116 kcal of Pisane® Pea Protein isolate and Oat™ protein as additional nutrients to supplement daily dietary intake.
  • Pea protein isolate Pisane® are Rich in arginine leucine and isoleucine
  • Rapid digestion & Low flatulence6
  • Low isoflavons vs soy7
  • Lower allergen & hypersensitivity vs soy/peanut8
  • Neutral effect on blood glucose9
  • Helps in iron absorption10


   Micro Nutrient (Arginine, Glutamine, Leucine)

  • Arginine, and micronutrients are recommended by NPUAP / EPUAP / PPPIA NUTRITION GUIDELINES for adults with a pressure injury.3
  • Arginine has been the best-studied component of immunonutrition to wound heal11 12 13
  • Glutamine has been shown to protects against inflammatory injury and stress. 12 14 15
  • Recent ESPEN guideline mentioned that in polymorbid medical patients with bedsore, specific amino acids such as arginine, glutamine, and β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (metabolite of leucine) can be added to oral/enteral foods to accelerate the healing of bedsores.

   Correct trace element Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Selenium balance is pivotal for wound healing. 17 18

   Addition with Japan Oryza Bird’s Nest Extract

  • Edible Birds Nests a source of super food with N-acetylneuraminic acid (NANA)
  • Proven to encompass Epidermal growth factor (EGF) - like activity was detected and partially purified from swiftlet's nest extract.19
  • It strongly promote the proliferation human adipose-derived stem cells (hADSCs)20 but not cancer cells. It is able to reduce inflammatory TNF-α in cells21

Artelac Splash Eye Drops (30s) | Shopee Malaysia

Dry Eyes Symptoms  

- Dryness               

-Teary eyes

-Tired eyes 

-Feeling of irritation 

-Foreign body sensation 


Environmental Factors 

-Entensive computer use

-Air-cond environments

-Windy outdoor Environments





Nanogen Aktigel

• Comes in bottle of 15ml and 90ml gel solutions


A wound is usually involving division of tissue or rupture of the skin, tissue and mucous membrane due to external force; accident, elective surgery or even burn. After the injury, the tissue will start its natural process of healing. Most wound would heal with simple action of keeping clean from infection. However, some wound will become chronic and difficult to heal. Here, the healing rate depends on both external and internal factors.

üRinse Free
üNon Sticky
üGentle On Hand
üApproved by Ministry of Health Malaysia
üSafe On Children & Adults
üDo Not Cause Skin Dryness
üFast Delivery
üBulk Purchase Available

Artelac® Lipids is an ideal product for providing strong long-lasting relief for dry eyes. It is formulated to provide support to all three layers of the tear film with sterile water to moisturize, carbomer to bind the moisture on the eye’s surface, and medium chain triglycerides to support the lipid layer of the tear film that seals in moisture.


Artelac Nighttime Gel is an eye gel with a combination of agents designed for people with dry eyes (chronic tear dysfunction). It provides added protection from persistently irritated, dry, gritty, painful eyes by calming and relieving symptoms.


Purchase of this item is for the use of exisiting UNO 15/30days user only !! 


Purchase of this item is for the use of exisiting UNO 15/30days user only !!