RTD DRESSING 4 inches x 4 inches x 0.25 inches (1 piece )
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New (3 in 1) ingredient antimicrobial foam dressing for infected wet wound.

A new combination ingredient foam to fight chronic wound infection.

Chronic non-healing wounds represent a problem for clinicians. Opened chronic wound are exposed to constant bacterial and fungal infection. Research shows estimating that up to 80% of wounds contain fungi and form mixed fungal-bacterial biofilms, this will delay wound heal causing significant morbidity and mortality especially in elderly, diabetic, and obese populations. 

RTD® Wound Dressing is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial polyurethane foam with integrated:

  • Methylene Blue
  • Gentian Violet
  • Silver Zirconium Phosphate (Non-cytotoxicand)
  • Surfactant integrated into the foam polymer matrix.

The combination of methylene blue, gentian violet and silver plus singlet oxygen (derived from methylene blue) exerts a synergistic and powerful microbial killing for both fungi and bacteria.
The presence of foam capillary suction helps in exudate management, pulls liquefied biofilm and bacteria from wound bed in a wet infected wound.

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