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Artelac® Lipids is an ideal product for providing strong long-lasting relief for dry eyes. It is formulated to provide support to all three layers of the tear film with sterile water to moisturize, carbomer to bind the moisture on the eye’s surface, and medium chain triglycerides to support the lipid layer of the tear film that seals in moisture.


Artelac Nighttime Gel is an eye gel with a combination of agents designed for people with dry eyes (chronic tear dysfunction). It provides added protection from persistently irritated, dry, gritty, painful eyes by calming and relieving symptoms.


Artelac Splash Eye Drops (30s) | Shopee Malaysia

Dry Eyes Symptoms  

- Dryness               

-Teary eyes

-Tired eyes 

-Feeling of irritation 

-Foreign body sensation 


Environmental Factors 

-Entensive computer use

-Air-cond environments

-Windy outdoor Environments