Collovine Lotion 60ml
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Restore Vulnerable skin with

Collovine Lotion

The main function of our skin is to protect us from harsh external environments. When we age or suffer from chronic disease, we will find that our skin function deteriorates and turns fragile. As a result of our body deteriorating, production of cross-link collagen in our tissue and skin gets impaired. This will cause skin thinning, dry skin, loss of skin elasticity, crack and scales.

This vulnerable skin condition can be revitalized with the use of a pure Ovine Collagen formula with low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and glycerin that works on the top & deeper layer of our skin. These ingredients act as emollient & humectant to prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss and at the same time enable normal dermal repair ensuring skin stays healthy and elastic.

Collovine Collagen Lotion uses sheep collagen that is Highly purified, Prion free, full traceable TSE-free collagen and is certified by USFDA .

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How to use Collovine Collagen Lotion:

Apply 2-3 drops of Collovine Collagen Lotion onto vulnerable skin area, distribute evenly. Leave dry. Use it every day after cleansing.


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